Afterwords - Gold

For authors who want a promotion partner

Now What?
Discuss your project with one of our experts to decide what your next strategic steps should be and what type of support you need in order to take those steps.

Promotional Preparation
We carefully read your manuscript and highlight content that’s perfect for interviews, blogs, Facebook posts, LinkedIn discussions and tweets.

Media Kit
We write your press release, craft your promotional book bio, write your book’s summary description and formulate ten interview questions.

Empowering Your Online Presence
We create or revise your profile and pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. Together, we establish clear protocol for your online presence. This includes guidelines for how much time you’ll invest online each day, how often you’ll post, tweet and participate in discussions, how often you’ll blog, how you’ll respond to positive and negative comments, “likes” and “shares,” and what topics will be taboo.

Posting, Tweeting and Discussing
We write:

  • 30 Facebook posts that lead up to your book’s release
  • 30 Facebook posts to kick off your book release
  • 15 tweets that lead up to your book release
  • 15 tweets to kick off your book release
  • 6 discussion-starters for LinkedIn


We write:

  • 4 blog posts that lead up to your book release
  • 4 blog posts for after your book is published


Creating a Buzz

  • Post prepared Facebook selections every day for a month
  • Keep the conversation going by responding to comments, liking comments and asking questions to keep subscribers engaged
  • Post prepared tweets and discussion-starters
  • Participate in LinkedIn discussions
  • Publish prepared blog posts and respond to comments


AFTERWORDS Gold Investment: $3,800*
*If you decide you’d like some extra support, you can upgrade or add services at any time. See upgrades.

Gift certificates available.

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